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Corkscrew: a sommelier in your pocket

Choosing the perfect wine in a restaurant adds a new dimension to your meal, but it can be an intimidating experience. Just picking the priciest red in your budget range doesn't cut it: the right choice differs radically if you're savoring a Châteaubriand with bearnaise sauce or tucking into a steak and kidney pie.

When you're sweating over a wine list, Corkscrew will be there: a friend, an ally… a sommelier in your pocket.

  • Sit Instantly access the wine list from your phone for hundreds of London restaurants
  • Click Tell the app what you're eating and it recommends the perfect wine for that dish
  • pair Our Omnipair™ algorithm finds the best wine... even if everyone at the table is having a different dish

Pick the right wine, every time!

Weird science?

A computer may be able to land a plane, but ask it to find a wine to suit a ripe piece of Gorgonzola and it will blow a fuse. Our approach is based on the 20 years experience of a certified human: our Chief Wine Officer, Matt Day.

To date wine and food pairing has been largely unscientific. Our approach was different. First we identified over 10,000 wine types that we call "flavors". Then we trawled the menus of thousands of restaurants and put together a database of dishes for every major cuisine, each paired to the perfect wine flavor. If the restaurant doesn't have the perfect wine, our Omnipair™ algorithm finds the closest match and tells you exactly how good it is: 80% is still great, under 50% and you should quaff a beer instead.

Finally we uploaded hundreds of restaurant wine lists into the system. We're starting with London and will soon be extending the service to other major cities.

Forget me not!

Wine is alcoholic... it makes you forget! How many times have you enjoyed an amazing bottle, but the next day can't remember whether it was a Chardonnay from Chablis or a Chenin from Cheverny? Corkscrew remembers every wine you taste and gives you the option to rate it, so you'll never forget another wine.

Corkscrew also lets you to share your discoveries with your friends via Facebook.

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